Book Review – Organising for the Creative Person – Lehmkuhl & Lamping

Right-brain styles for conquering clutter

I originally brought this book in 2001 and skimmed it telling myself that I would evenually get round to reading it. I never did, and it sat on my book shelf gathering dust. I recently took it out to get some ideas and was quite surprised at how much useful information unfolded.

It is not just a book about organising, it gets you to look at your style of working and develop strategies working more like a coach come personal organiser. I had many ‘aha moments’. It gets you to think about your goals and then offers suggestions that really challenges your thinking but also enables you to set up systems to support you, with key points summarised at the end of each chapter. You get to look with new eyes at your environment and more importantly how you interact, helping you to find the style of organising that works with your personality and those around you.