52 Weeks of Colour and Inspiriation

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Since completing the 365 days of colour last year on my Inspiration, art and creativity blog, I really missed sharing images of so many beautiful flowers and plants I come across.  I wanted though to do something different and try my hand at digital art using the images of flower but also possibly combining paintings and drawings that I have been doing.

So you continue to get a chance to see the beauty of colour we have around us, and maybe spark your own creativity I post a word for that week, alongside some inspiring quotes and scriptures.  After reviewing in December 2012 I thought I would write and encouraging reflection to accompany the word and maybe you can carry this through and write your own reflection of the word in your art journal.

These are posted on Mondays so you can carry the blessings with you throughout the week. I hope it does continue to bless and encourage you over the next year, and that we see much creative growth and development and that you use the posts as prompts for your own creative practice.

If you would like check out previous posts, please click on the links above. Blessings.  Amanda


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