Create, Write and more

Welcome back to this blog post, it has been a while and though out of sight you have never been out of mind. I have been thinking of ways to serve you better, provide a space that you can come to and be inspired to write, and share your creative heart.

I have been doing a range of other things in other social media platforms and I want to get back to sharing the creative writing and finding ways to stretch and grow. I started a podcast earlier last year and have been sharing, and expressing and have found that the more I do it, I not only really enjoy it, but have found a routine which works for me.

I thought I would share this weeks post which is about change and taking time out to think about what you really want, you can hear the podcast recording below. You can also visit on my Realityarts Podcast.


What is it that you really want to change in your life?  What is it about you that you feel needs to change?  We can come up with a long list about all the things we think need changing but these are based on another persons perception and who you think they feel you are.  You need to know what you think about yourself, and if it is nothing but love then you have to change your mind.  You are who you have with you and you cannot run away from yourself.  You have to change your mind about who you see when you look in the mirror.  You are a marvelous creation, formed and fashioned as an individual.  You are unique, a miracle – don’t ever compare yourself with anyone else—Inspirational-Shorts—Change-e3ll49

Time Flies…..

I guess I should say, Happy New Year, I don’t know quite where the time has gone, but it has.  So many things have happened over the year I wouldn’t know where to start to catch up, but what I will do is begin by encouraging you to keep going.  Sometimes we find ourselves stuck and it can be easy to let go and decide to give up, but if there is something that you are interested, have a gift or would like to try then go for it.

This WordPress creative writing site, is still going to be just that, a place where I share my writing and creative encouragement, where I will share and encourage others to share their story, and from time to time will have interviews, reviews, and writers sharing their work.  I am quite excited this year as I have a wide range of creative writers that just need an outlet and platform and if I can encourage then I will.

I will be posting at least twice a week if not more, depending on ‘life’  You will be guaranteed to get a weekly quote, scripture as a regular feature.  I would like to profile a writer either every month or every two months, and do a monthly book review.  I also write poetry so will be sharing some of my musings for encouragement.

Today I want to share some of the most popular quotes that I previously shared on the blog.  All the images were taken by me and this is also a love I have.

What is your favorite quote? I would love to see it.  Would you like to be featured as a writer for an interview? drop me a line at amanda(at)realityarts(dot)co(dot)uk and we will take it from there.  For now stay blessed and be a blessing.


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