Endurance – Creating in Faith

I am sure we can all think of a situation in our past when we thought we would not get through, we couldn’t see a way out or the light that we thought was at the end of the tunnel appeared to be dimming swiftly.  I can think of many a time where I just wanted to curl up in a corner, close my eyes and just cry. Read more


Courage – Creating in Faith


Courage requires us to stand firm in our beliefs or stepping out when all around is shaky.  We can often think of other people who are courageous and brave when they go through a difficult time or make destiny decisions and can think of ourselves as cowards…., ‘I could never do that, go there, or create that’ we can find ourselves saying – read more

Trust – Creating in Faith


What do you do when someone abuses your trust, how does it make you feel and what actions can you take to prevent it from happening again? Does forgiving mean that you allow them the space to change and back into your life? Do you constantly wonder if and when they will do it again, or do you keep them at arm’s length? How far does your trust go? Read more here


ImageWe have faith about things that don’t even require us to even think about and often take them for granted.  Unless you have a respiratory problem you know without a doubt that you will inhale and exhale and that all the functions of the body will take place without very much assistance from us.  Depending on where we live in the world we know that night will follow day, and the seasons, as unpredictable as they have been will follow some sort of order…..Read more