Quote for the week – Dalai Lama


 It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible.  From this happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come – Dalai Lama


Unlocking the Heart of the Artist – Matt Tommey – Book Review

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Matt Tommy has produced a book that all artists who are seeking to dive further into their spirituality and creativity should read.  I read this book over a weekend having seen a sample on my Kindle and knew that I would have to buy it.

It is not a weekend read, mind you, it’s a book that you have to dive into again and again, and I have since read it a further two times, unveiling additional nuggets.  You will come up with insights, revelation and ‘ah ha’ moments as you go on your creative journey.  It said things that I have been thinking about in my walk as an artist over the past few months.

Matt’s style of writing reveals his openness and understanding of the journey of the artist, alongside the highs and the lows that can impact on creativity as they search for their identity and the call of God on their lives.

If you can get together with a group of artists and work through the chapters which have questions and prompts after each section, it would be a great way to support each other through the revelations that will indeed come.  It is like a guide book that helps you to really question your journey and the impact that your creativity will no doubt have on your community.  There is a separate work book that you can use alongside this one.

There are many resources listed for information and a mention of an annual conference that is worth checking out.  If you have read books like the Artist Way by Julia Cameron you know you are in for a treat with the ‘tools for the journey’ that Matt recommends, such as a journal for capturing your thoughts, taking an artist date/creative time and spending time soaking up the word of God.  We are encouraged to dive deeper as we uncover our true purpose as artists.  It is a book that I think every artist should read, recommend that you get yourself a copy today!