Didn’t realise until it started,
out of the blue,
dissatisfaction ebbed its way in
then came the sadness and the loneliness.
Despair had crept in through the back door.
Now there is the longing yearning at my heart
Reminding me of what has not been said,
those missed intimacies,
now two strangers,
glances exchanged
will my life ever be the same?
What is it?
the longing
weighs me down
Where is it,
where does it live,
I try to identify make sense of it
My heart,
I hear a faint cry,
my heart is crying out to be heard,
I thought I knew what I wanted
I sigh,
my heart was never involved
only thought it was,
made practical decisions at the time
No one was supposed to get hurt

Amanda Trought