Ask, Listen & Repeat – Clay Stevens

Ask, Listen, and Repeat

I picked up this book by chance after browsing the kindle store and I must say that it was well worth the price and taking the time to read. There are so many principles that are useful in any business, and not only network marketing. The principle that relationships are at the heart of any interaction would seem to be something you feel that you might do as a matter of course. But as you read through the book and apply in your own work or organisation you understand how way off the mark you might have been.

The book is split up into 3 main parts which are 1: Bricks and Foundation, 2: The Relationship Gateway and 3: Ask, Listen and Repeat, and each main part is split up into further sections. This allows you to go at a steady pace and practice some of the techniques that come up in the book.

Ask, Listen & Repeat has been written in novel format, and Clay has a great style of writing which makes you feel that you are part of the journey. You feel the sense of achievement as you make your way through the book and you feel the successes of the books characters and want to practice the principles and processes for yourself.

This is a book that I really enjoyed reading and is a resource that you will more than likely go to more than once.


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