Book Review – Image Transfer Workshop – McElroy & Wilson

If you’ve never tried transferring an image then you have to get this book, it’s bursting with an amazing selection of 35 techniques for you to try, some of which uses materials that you would find in most homes, such as cellotape – which is a quick and easy method to the more complex, which is why if you are a more experienced artist you definitely won’t be bored. It is clearly written and has step by step photographs for your to refer to. Being in the UK you might find getting hold of a few of the materials challenging, but where there is a will there is a way!

What is great about the book is that it doesn’t assume you will get a perfect result the first time round and there is a trouble shooting section for each technique which identifies some of the most common problems, why they might have happened and suggesting alternative approaches. The techniques offered in this book are definitely worth giving a go and you won’t be disappointed.  I will be working through some of the techniques and sharing the images on my mixed media site


Comments most welcome

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